Tinuza association is a non-profit  amazigh organization. It has been set up to work in the fields of culture, environment and sport in the village of Tassouite and its neighboring.

As far as culture is concerned, Tinuza aims at encorouging education and so spread the culture of reading and producing among the people of the village. It strives to create a cultural space for students and the youth. A space which contains a library, a computing room, and a room for different activities such theatre, music, art, and so on.  

The association targets the amazigh culture of the region to preserve its heritage and develop its components especially that its main pillar has been listed among the languages to be extinct in thirty years time. Consciously, the association aims at strengthening the language through collecting rare vocabulary and expressions in order to make them known via classical and modern tools. Furthermore, the association encourages arts like theatre, music, photographing, and drawing.

For environment, we target awareness through campaigns of cleaning streets and gathering rubbish as well as organizing meetings of communication with the community to put environment in the center of any behaviour to protect it and preserve it for the generations to come. Moreover, we work for preserving the green zones. We try to find alternatives for cutting trees and washing clothes at the river by which the fields get watered.

In terms of sport, our association organizes sport activities and competitions for the two genders so as to appear the importance of exercising in one’s life and how sport helps to build creative societies. Through this, we have been planning to create permanent and common spaces for exercising and sport games to set up a real foundation for a sustainable sport in the region. Our association, with our team spirit, have decided to go ahead to achieve its targets gradually for a better future not only for the people of our town but also for humanity since we share this world with other groups.

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Association Tinuza Tassouite